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Want to download our screensaver?

A shot of our screensaver is shown below. It consists of the national markings of all the Harrier's operators, as well as our own logo, in motion against a white background. It is optimised for 800 x 600 screens. - jump to it!

To download the screensaver, you will first need to download the Zip file (see the link below). Once this has been saved to your hard drive, unzipping will automatically initiate the screensaver's setup routine. The default location is C:/Windows. Once the screensaver is installed, you can get set it as your preferred choice by clicking on Start, then Settings, Control Panel, Display and finally the Screensaver tab. Scroll down the list of choices to HarrierOrgUkSaver, click to select and then click on OK. Easy!

Download screensaver v 1.3 (237 KB)

Our screensaver has been created by Graham Mison, who wrote the article on the Sea Harrier Down Under. The screensaver is copyright © 2001 Graham Mison.
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