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The 21st of October 2000 was the 40th anniversary of the first flight of the Hawker P.1127 (right) - forerunner of the international Harrier family. To mark the event this website was launched, and ten years on we have seen over a million visitors to the site.

See below for more about us.


Hawker P.1127 XP831 hovering at Dunsfold, Nov. 1960

What's new - 19/08/2011

  • New book on the BAe P.1216 - Harrier successor project from Kingston. See P.1216 book page
  • Final flight of UK Harriers from HMS Ark Royal. See BBC News website for story and video.
  • 50 years of the Harrier - first Hawker P.1127 hover 21st October 1960. For more information:
  • RAF/RN Harriers to retire early - STOVL JSF abandoned by UK. See News.



Site news from the Editor

Not just 50 years of the Harrier were marked on 21st October, 2010, but also ten years of this website. Our apologies also for the limted number of recent updates to the site, brought about by the ongoing need to earn a living and other commitments, but we hope to amend our ways in the coming months. Thank you again for continuing to visit us.

About this site is dedicated to developing the most comprehensive, informative and entertaining English language website devoted to the Harrier. We hope to build the site using both our own resources and those of our visitors who both share our vision and who are able to help us in fulfilling it. From its origins as the Hawker P.1127 to today's Boeing/BAE SYSTEMS Harrier II+ and beyond, we will have something for everybody interested in the Harrier. For an overview of the site, visit our Contents page.

You may have noticed the row of flags at the top of the screen. By clicking on one of these the site can be translated into French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian or Japanese. This service is provided by Google, whose banner will appear on the translated page. The Russian and Japanese translations may require you to download their character set - a prompt should appear on the screen.

Most of our pages carry advertising from a company called Burst! Media ( The reason for this is to improve the service we offer you - in return for us carrying their adverts, Burst! provide us with detailed analysis of how people use our site (but not details of who you are etc., in line with our Privacy Policy). Burst! also gather additional information from a voluntary survey that can be accessed at the foot of this page. They also provide some income to in return for their advertising. This money will be used to help cover the hosting costs of this site.

You can get in touch by e-mailing us at: Thank you for visiting - enjoy the site!

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